The State Debt Lie & Why Constitutional Law Is Covered By Commercial Law

by Staatsschuldenlüge

You didn’t vote for a Europe shaped by the european people – non of us did, you voted for the “united economic territory of Europe”, shaped by corporations.
Thats a huge difference. I didn’t vote for it, nor am i proud of it.
People were just fooled to think it would be the Europe of the nations/ people.
Where is the difference between officials/ public servants  and a service employee?
E.g. when i ask a german police officer for his legitimation as a civil servant for his official ID, he doesn’t have one anymore since 1990. He just has an ID Card as a public employee.
This is not a civil servant anymore in the true sense.
E.g. what does it mean when German code on court constitution looses its article where it is defined that all courts have to be State/ Crown  courts, and that private courts and courts of arbitration are disbanded ( Gerichtsverfassungsgesetz GVG §15 )

This is the expression that the constitutional status of the state has changed.
further on:
What does it mean when government entities suddenly have a tax id? (in Germany since 1990, in the UK since 1993..)
What does it mean when government entities are listed here in the world-wide biggest database for companies?

It means the EU is organized based on private/ commercial law. And the member states are getting converted into that status aswell into a company like status. Tthis way the member states lost their sovereignty to private organizations a trust management in Brussels and not to a League of Nations! Hugh difference! ( the head trust management of privatized states is the UN, their agenda is to privatize the whole world )
Thats the reason why all EU member states now have red passports.

E.g. most important the member states lost their sovereignty to the EURO Group, a company with a copyright on their brand-name. Unions of nations are not organized through private/ commercial law, no that’s not as it was meant to be in first place!

Like the EUR is no legal tender, instead it is a private tender (there is no state liability). If you copy it you will be punished because of copyright infringments and not because of counterfighting.

What was the 3. German Reich? It was a fascist corporativ organization, kind of exile government, financed and empowered by corporations (IG-Farben, Standard Oil, Wall street, City of London…) Same in Italy at that time! What was the 2nd World War? It was economic warfare.
And now the 4. Reich is being continued through the european union conducted by the same institutions that empowered Adolf Hitler and conducted ww2.
The leading corporation of the eu-structure is the eur-group. The fascists always operated from the City of London, and they are still doing it, and again operating through the German government. The EUR = DM no difference, the german regime is conducting the expropriation of the european nations and in last resort expropriate/ destroys itself, as always! Benefiting is the City of London as always.

Now after ww2 the UN was founded, and since then every sovereign state is being converted into a corporation, under the rules of the money system -> under the rules of the City of London.
They are getting converted from a sovereign currency issuer into a dependant currency user – like a private household/ private entity.
The state/ the government now conquers versus all the private households/ companies for the remaining money in the system, and has to make debts to fund its spending like a private household has to….though the private households spendings are always the states deficit….so if the government and private households have to conquer for the money in the system its a paradoxon and will crash the system:

Check this out for further information on what a sovereign currency issuer is, to understand the difference:

Or the easy understandable vids (english language) on my website from Cullen Roche right down the page:

short money part:
A sovereign currency issuer can create its currency without making any debts as it was about 100 years ago in the 2nd German Reich, the USA and most other States!
A sovereign currency issuer can’t run out of money nor will its spending devaluate the currency, cause a sovereign state always spends through a value creational process. This process will give the currency the value. Not gold not credit/debts/ national wealth give money value. Only labour that benefits the public (means spending on the military budget inflates the currency= destructive spending) gives the exchange-medium value. Look, a stone has no value, it only becomes valuable when it is integrated in something  processed through labour – processed into a house that is useful for the public…

If you want, everyone could issue its own currency. When you work for someone you just issue a bill where it says, the owner of this bill is entitled to  demand working power from others. (in the kind of value you gave your working power to another one)…This would be optimum, but since this is hard to organize the state issues these bills (currency) through his expenditures into the economy. The banks would have no money at all if the state would not do this what is falsely called deficit spending……


See the UNs definition of democracy is globalized free trade and the installment of debt money (Iran, Cuba, Syria, North Korea are the only left sovereign currency issuer in the world that don’t issue currency for debts. Libya was and now isn’t anymore. The first thing that was changed in Libya was the status of the central bank, and to switch Libya from a sovereign currency issuer into a currency user ).

Thus the UN is an installment of corporations not of nations! Thats a huge difference!
They proclaim human rights, but the sad thing is, they are not applicable in states organized based on private law!
You can’t fight human right violations with constitutional/ state law, where court law is based on commercial law/ contract law! You can’t argue with state law when in fact you are dealing with a corporation. State law defines you as natural person. Commercial law defines you as legal/ juridical person/ a corporate entity. Huge difference.
As a legal/ juridical personality/ corporate entity you can’t apply natural law/ human rights. You now have the rights defined as capitis diminutio maximas as a  legal personality / private entity, means you are handled as a thing, and a thing has no human rights.
Just have a look in your identity card, all is written in big letters. Check roman law for what this means! Its a fiction of you, its not meant the human Max, it is meant the fictional  synonym MAX MUSTERMAN, the private entity that through the id card accepted that the implemented human rights in your constitution is not valid for the private entity MAX MUSTERMAN, since MAX MUSTERMAN the thing/ private entity covers up the human Max Musterman.
That is the reason why a law suit can’t be won with arguments based on human right law!




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