the EUR, the greatest prediction of the last 20 years

by StaatsschuldenlĂĽge

Nothing in this EUR “game” is a coincidence, MTTer (Modern Monetary Theory) have predicted the EUR crisis even before the EUR was launched.

Since the EUR transformed the EUR zone into a internal market (Binnenmarkt), means that the one that expand can only do that on the cost of the others, means their economy has to shrink.

Means, germany is expanding on the cost of the EUR group (but this for sure isnt going on forever), and now its politicians blackmail the other countries (that have lost their sovereignity over their currency) to extort their citizenz for their econimc losses causing the balance sheet imbalance, that basically has caused germany in first place.
Cause as said its like a zero-sum-game in the euro zone. The balance sheet surplus are the balance sheet losses of the others + the EUR is the continuation of the strongest currency of the EUR group = DM, and others have no influence on that. And germany is forcing all the structual constraint to the extent!

And this all was known 20 years before. MTT economists analysed.

hint: one should google Walter Hallstein. And then you will know what the EU is about, and what its intention really is. Its not the union of the nations, its more like the continuation of GG Art133 spread over whole europe.

Read about the founding fathers of the EU, they all had their hands in (big business, pharma/ oil/ finance)

And then remember that the 3. Reich was financed and installed by the IG Farben and some other wallstreet companies. And then you will get a clue what the EU really is, and why Greeks and other Europeans view us again as Nazis!

And german politicians blindly do their best to step into the Nazi trap, example:

(The term Nazis in this content has nothing to do with racial ideology, that was just a byproduct of economic fascism, what the term really stands for.)