The Germans have the power to end the EU/ NWO agenda

by Staatsschuldenlüge

The Germans really have the power to end most of the haunting in the world right now, because it exists only because of them. They could dissolve the EU and the UN (= The New World Order) at the same time if they would recognize that their home is not the detaining zone BRD/ Weimarer Republik = 3. Reich, which in fact is ruling through the hands of the City of London Europe again.

Shaef Law 53 VII (e)
“GERMANY shall mean the area constituting “Das Deutsche Reich” as of  31 December 1937″

And instead could reestablish their own league of nations founded 1871, which is the complete opposite of the EU/NWO ideology.
The first world war had a deep reason, it wasn’t only about economic power.
See §1 BGB is unique in the world. It was introduced 1900. It means that everyone living in the territory of the German Reich and its colonies, has legal capacity from birth on = that is what human rights are all about. (But human rights are not for humans, that’s the funny thing because otherwise we would not need them, the UN member states don’t govern us as humans – only as collateral/ as “persons” that gave up all their birth given rights to a political jurisdiction = corporate lobbyism, and therefore they needed to establish the human rights charta after WWII)

The legal capacity as it is defined in §1BGB, isn’t gifted from the church/ pope, or the state, or other entity above, you have it from birth on. The application of this law was destroyed after WWI until now. Because WWI had a deeper reason than just an economic one. It was not in the British and France interest that German monarchs declared their underlings as free humans, in times when the US in the same year the German Reich was founded in 1871 was reorganized as a corporation (organic act of 1871)/ a colony of the city of London.

The Germans only need to dissolve the conformist “/gleichgeschaltet” Germany back into the 26 german states to stop most of the haunting in the world, and remanage their “league of nation” from bottom to top -> subsidiarity principle and not from top to bottom as its done in a republic, governed by a political jurisdiction.
But the brain-washed Germans need help from abroad, because everything before 1945 is taught to be evil – that what they are taught under the allies established education and media system.

These two §§ is all you need to define human rights in a state (german law was pretty unique), also civil death (the seizure of your person) was inadmissible in the prussian constitution):

This way no entity can do business in your name, especially not if it is organized as a corporation, like all UN member states are today, as you can do research here: