There wont be Peace between Russia and Germany?

by Staatsschuldenlüge

This guy analyzes why there wont be a strategic alliance between Germany and Russia, as long as Germany is not a sovereign state/ under control of western allies.


The point is, what he keeps quiet about:

There has never been in history a sovereign centrally governed Germany/ german Republic , only a sovereign German Empire/ League of Nations from 1871-1918, with 25+1 sovereign states.  And he should know this.
So what really is his aim?!


Guess what – the bum is a submarineRussia itself has the power whether Germans will get their sovereignty back or not, and whether in return Russians and Germans will be able to build a strong alliance to finally break the Anglo Saxony hegemony, as instead destroying each other in a third war as it is planned and now conducted.

All Russia has to do, is return the administration of East Prussia back to the indigenous people representative to the prussian King & German Emperor in an official act, then the administration area the “Federal Republic of Germany” and the EU would be in a very tight spot = checkmate!

But guess who would never do this?!  PUTIN!


PS: (The Council of Ministers of the USSR has already explicitly overwritten the Control Council Law No. 46 (dissolution of Prussia) in 1947 )