Prussia is not “GERMANY”

by Staatsschuldenlüge

>>German version<<

“GERMANY ” as of unification treaty from 1990, based on the allied definition:

Shaef Law 53 VII (e)
“GERMANY shall mean the area constituting “Das Deutsche Reich” as of  31 December 1937″


Is Prussia a part of Germany, so that East Prussia/ Kaliningrad belongs to Germany? People often discuss this since 1990.

To make it clear, Prussia is an independent sovereign state , and who argues Prussia belongs to Germany provokes war , and makes it easy to argue the opposite , that East Prussia was given up by Germany.
Prussia is an independent multi-ethnic state , a legal entity , neither Germany , Poland nor Russia.

If Germans , Russians and Poles want to continue playing rather Republic and prefer being a play ball of war between Russia and the EU, than instead to revive the legal entity “The Kingdom of Prussia” and thus restore the principle of subsidiarity , so that simultaneously abolish the political jurisdiction of current Republics that only have the task to lead Peoples in the NWO through war, then so be it.

Prussia is probably ethnically more Russian than German , if you look at its origin times. Prussia extended from east to west , and not vice versa. So far away from the core German Peoples.
Better expression may be, a Koenigsberger / Kaliningrader is more Prussian than a Rhinelander .
The origin of Prussia , the German Teutonic Order , where was that ?

That should give everyone a hard time to rethink!

Further, what the russian Republic is trying to suggest here, Kaliningrad Department = 39 ( you could also call it Gau ) , with the 2006 newly introduced coat of arms , is full of horror and cynicism:


So who is talking about Russian / German friendship that demonize the State of Prussia and says that the Germans have no more right to put hands on East Prussia , Kaliningrad is lost forever ?

So a Youtube comment to a Conrebbi video, that promotes German and Russian friednship :


They’re fascists , Sadomasos , or who have not heard the bang jet, because Prussia is to be in their best interest, the only possibility to end the political jurisdictions of both the today’s Russia managed by a leadership principle and the BRD / Eurocracy, that both will only lead the people into the NWO through war.
Are people really that stupid and mad, or do they know not any better?


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PS: you may send this to certain institutions:
“The administration of the russian Republic and the EU are driving the people again into war, if the people dont understand that “a political jurisdiction” can never have jurisdiction over a subject of international law like Prussia. The only way out of this coming war is the “subsidiarity principle” and to abandon the “political jurisdictions” and to restore law according to “status quo antes 1914” – before the never ending war began and from there hold constitutional elections.

“Prussia is not GERMANY”:

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