Europeans are now aswell German according to the RuStaG – Update2

by Staatsschuldenlüge


There must have been a very smart Italian understood that in accordance with the RuStaG he in fact is German:

The smallest denominator for a League of Nations is the most liberal order of a member in relation to the other members, and this denominator happens to be the German League of Nations from 1871 – 1918 and from 1990 up to date ??? – regarding “status quo ante 1914”. It wouldnt be possible the other way round in accordance to international law.

So who did the European nations join basically? The German League of Neations from 1871!

The European people are yet all managed colonies of a parliamentary political system, with a citizenship (Staatsbürgerschaft), that superimposes their nationality (Staatsangehörigkeit) and birth given rights.
The European people have disempowered themselves through establishing a Constitution where they surrender from their sovereignty and give it to a political jurisdiction. That has never happened in Germany under conditions of freedom, and thus each German is still sovereign, according to international law “status quo ante 1914”.
If these nations now join an alliance in which a member has a freer order , which is build around the Human and not  a person as legal entity of the state itself, then what happens regarding international law?

Exactly , the laws of the state with the most liberate order frees the other nations from their colonial status. Thus regarding international law, they have German alliaince/ union membership   and possess the imperial citizenship (Reichsangehörigkeit). Thus, they are also German, and this circumstance has alot of benefits, explained later on!

(So I pull out the crude theory that all EU members have immediate imperial citizenship (Reichsangehörigkeit) according to RuStaG and thus in addition to their  national ctizenship they are also German – RuStaG §1:  “German is the national of any federal state (§ § 3-32) or who possesses the immediate alliance membership (§ § 33-35)” )

The Europeans might not yet know about that circumstance that they will all become German when the EU abandons national citizenship like it is planned, unfortunately, the European Union is overlaid by the continuation and “Gleichschaltung” of the 3rd Reich , and as a result all  Europeans will be punished for that by the union of  BRICS countries in a 3rd WW.


To avoid that WW3 we only have to reestablish the liberal order, based on the principle of subsidiarity and disempower politicians.

So, what there is not to understand?

The main thing people should realize is they possess the imperial citizenship  (Reichsangehörigkeit).

And based on that  imperial citizenship (Reichsangehörigkeit) you are defined as German and the German Civil Code / § 1BGB is applicable for you – §1 BGB defines everyone as human with natural given rights from birth on. (Though opposing Human Rights of the UN are in fact part of a system of power/ imperialist order. Those rights are not for humans but for managed legal persons, that in fact gave up their birth given rights to a political system. Do you understand that. Thus Germans dont need human rights, because they defined it themselves already + the German League of Nations doesnt have a political system. Their Reich is based on the subsidiarity principle, that only can establish empowered humans, but not legal persons.)

Now people can claim the StaG certificate if they want to, and get out of the colonial status, get rid of the legal person that they are managed under by the republican system of their state.

Unless they do not want that the German  Civil Code applies to them, just restrict it with a rule of law, just as the federal government in Germany itself (installed by the occupying powers as the enemy of the German League of Nations and its free order) does it in Art 7 + Art 10 EGBGB, which doesnt match with the original version (Legal capacity and name are subject to the law of the state, in the original version that was excluded and legal capacity and the family name is superior to the law of the state. Regarding international law the actual version is null, since there always only is valid the freest order -> identity principle)

The Germans, like all other European People need to learn to understand this situation to be able to free themselves from their colonial status, and to rebuild the EU as an alliance of free nations, and not an alliance of legal persons, that are managed through a corporationlike centralized imperial system.


PS: if people still like to prefer to play republic, especially in Germany, Poland, Russia, and Czechia, well they should do it, but they also should know that republic means disempowerment and war, since it existance. They could have much better possibilities, possibilities that guarantee freedom based on responsibility & subsidiarity. The EU could easily be transfered into a free League of Nations (with the municipalities having the greatest power in the state), for that the Germans layed the foundation stone anno 1871.

 Thank you for your attention: